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Swan paddleing underwater picture

Good videos are like swans on a lake. They are elegant, beautiful and easy to watch as they effortlessly glide over their

subject matter. What you don't see is their feet paddling like crazy under the water to make the movement happen.

In order to model the best “video swans”, you need to understand what's going on beneath the surface.



So here are the key layers in making a great explainer video (in the order they are actually done when you make one):

1) Script writing
2) Voice recording
3) Visual design
4) Art quality
5) Animation
6) Music choice
7) Sound effects & sound engineering

Now let me rearrange the list above in the order of their importance in regard to getting a great video.

1) Script writing
2) Visual design
3) Music choice
4) Voice recording

5) Art quality

6) Animation
7) Sound effects & sound engineering

I will expand on each in a moment, but did you notice that animation and art quality are both near the bottom of the list?

Of course these are important, but having made hundreds of explainer videos for everyone from Fortune 100 companies to pre-funded startups, I can tell you with confidence that if you get layers one through four wrong, layers five through seven don't matter.


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