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Additional Products:


Product # 1 – Buy your source files. $295.

Very rarely do creative or technology shops release the source files to work they produce for their clients. Why? Because they want you to be forever beholden to them for future work. We believe that if you’ve paid for the work then you should be entitled to own it and control it. This not only gives you the freedom to have future work done wherever you believe your business is most valued, but it puts the files into your hands for safe keeping. Almost all of our clients choose this option. For a one time payment of just $295 we will release the Adobe After Effects development files that make up your video.


Product # 2 – Branding package. $495.

Almost all videos we develop are based around a main character, couple or mascot. Once people watch your video they often fall in love with these little people or creatures and they are forever associated with your brand. So why not use them elsewhere in your business?

For just $495 we will not only give you the characters themselves but we will pose them in 11 different positions that incorporate your logo, your website and your phone number. You can them use them on your website, your business cards, t-shirts or any form of branding and marketing that your company does.


Product # 3 – Create a YouTube channel and optimize your video to boost your Google ranking. $295.

Did you know that the second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube? If your new video is not in YouTube you are missing a major (and free) marketing opportunity. But it goes further than that.

Because YouTube is owned by Google, one of the fastest ways to improve your Google ranking is to put your new explainer video into YouTube and then keyword optimize it to include all of the keywords, phrases and search terms that people might use to find a company like yours.

For just $295 we will setup a YouTube channel for you and add all of the keywords and meta tags necessary to help new customers find you. We will then give you the login details so you can change the passwords and control the account directly.

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