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A video explainer company can add an example of a “personal story” to your marketing

One very common technique and great way to connect your viewers to your video is to use a script that incorporates a “personal story” technique. Many of these videos, including this one, start with the phrase “Meet _________”, where we're introduced to the main character. Then we're shown the common problem the character faces, something your viewer will be able to identify with. After that, the video explainer company can help you reveal how the product or service in question could solve that common problem.

Why it works

By creating a marketing video with a video explainer company, you could simply discuss the features and benefits of the product or service that the video is about, but viewers will have an easier time understanding the full spectrum of reasons they should invest in you if they can “come aboard” with a relatable personality. With an animated cartoon character that can be drawn to be ambiguous of age or race, they make perfects “ciphers” for the viewer to pour their own vision of themselves into.

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