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Recreating screen shots for a software product

One of the decisions we often face as an explainer video company with our clients who want to include shots of their software product is making a choice between using actual inserted screenshots, or recreating them in a cartoon style. Personally, I prefer the look of recreating an animated version of the screens in these types of explainer videos. It gives the video a more seamless look, plus there's the ability to simplify the appearance of the software so that they eye isn't so busy trying to take in all the stimulae and text one might see on the actual screen of the product itself. This way, the voice over and visuals as a whole are more easily digested in these types of marketing materials.

Lines instead of text in an explainer video

Another little trick explainer video companies like to employ where screen replicas are concerned is to substitute blank lines for the actual text that would be displayed. This allows the viewer to not squint and try to pick up the actual text once might see on the software itself, which is not as important as the overall message of the animated video.

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