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How animated explainer videos can deliver the feel of a software in the style of the animation

This client, whose product is a cloud-based software that simplifies the record request process in school districts, wanted an animated explainer video that would really match the clean simplicity of their product. We went with a cute, memorable stick figure style for the main character, and a very simple, soothing blue color palette. By keeping the lines clean and the illustrations simple, this animation evokes a connection to its product, which strengthens its message.

Animated explainer videos for software companies can be created to emphasize the product in different ways

Some of our software company clients want an animated video that will show demonstrations of the actual product itself, but it's also important to demonstrate the emotional or intangible benefits of the product as well. Here we see our main character go from frazzled and overworked because of the outdated paper-based system she was using, to “fabulous” and rested after converting to the simple cloud-based software. Animated explainer videos make it easy to focus on the “human” benefits of a product instead of simply its functions and features.

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