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An example of a “How To” video explainer

This is a great video explainer we recently made for a client who needed to illustrate a step-by-step process for their product. The majority of the video explainers we produce for other companies are made with the goal of convincing people to purchase a product or service, but here, using actual screenshots of the product itself, we show from beginning to end the process of using software that integrates with a cab GPS to more easily collect fares from a cab driver's customers.

Customizing sound levels to fit your viewer

Another notable aspect of this video explainer is the sound level. Because the client knows the viewers of this video will be cab drivers who will be watching this on potentially loud city streets as they teach themselves the process of using the software, we made sure the music level was very low so the voice over could be heard with extreme clarity. Generally, we keep the music levels up a little higher in most animated videos to add cohesiveness and a “mood” to the video explainer, but in this case, it was more important that the step-by-step instructions be heard than the overall message.

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