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Fire Starter Videos Is One Of The Top Animated Video Companies In The U.S. Here’s a sample of one of our videos.

How do you choose from all the animated video companies out there?

A quick Google search for “animated video companies” will return about 18.2 million results. Wow! Where do you begin?

When you visit the website of every animation company, the site layouts are pretty much the same on all of them. There’s the home page (where we all boast about how good we are). There’s usually an animated video that explains why you should get an animated video for your business. Then there is a portfolio and sometimes (but not often), the prices.

So what exactly should you look for?

When looking at animated video companies, responsiveness is important.

There’s an old saying, “talk is cheap”. That’s so true in life and in business, especially in this business.

The first thing I would advise you to do is lodge an inquiry with the company and see how long it takes for someone to respond. Here at Fire Starter, we have live answering 24/7 on a toll free number. If it’s normal business hours, you will be put through to whoever you need straight away. You can also email us, drop in to our office, or leave a voice mail right off our website. No matter how you choose to reach out, you will find that we are super fast in getting back to you.

My thinking is that no matter what you are buying, if an animation company isn’t responsive when they haven’t made the sale yet, imagine what they’ll be like when they have.

Look at who they’ve worked for…

Here at Fire Starter Videos, we are widely regarded as one of the top animated video companies in the US and our client list proves it. We have produced animated videos for companies including; UNICEF, Cigna Healthcare, MasterCard and many other very large businesses.

See if their prices make sense…

In the animated video business, you will see massive variances in price. This may seem like an overstatement (until you’ve done your own research), but some animated video companies charge up to 20 times our prices for a video of the same length and style. So look around and understand the market before you commit.

If you are in the market for an animated video, we would be delighted to assist you.

Animated Video Companies
This is an example of animation done by Fire Starter Videos, one of the leading animated video companies in the U.S.

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