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Why animated video trumps live action videos on so many fronts”¦

By using animation, this client was able to pull off a marketing idea that would simply not have been possible in the live-action medium. What’s more, the possibility of the plane crashing as the pilot pursues his dreams of building a successful business (just like the viewer), creates tension and draws the watcher into the story. As the company comes to the rescue with a safe solution that starts on the ground, a sense of relief is created and a bond made. This ability to cover so much ground so quickly is why companies across the world are using animated video to tell their stories.

The facts speak for themselves. Compelling web videos are in demand”¦

Study after study now confirms that business people and consumers alike would rather watch well produced videos that explain a company’s product or service than having to read written text. Animated videos in particular allow people to take a break from the monotony of reading and done well, they entertain, inspire and educate them.


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