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Animation companies allow your video to be more fun!

Listen. We know you have a message to get across, but it's almost equally important to make your video memorable. If you're coming to an animation company for create your explainer video instead of making a live-action one, you probably already realize this is because cartoons are just plain more enjoyable to watch. So why not let the medium shine in the way it's meant to?

Less Literal = Increased Memorability

Take this video, for instance. Some clients come to our animation company asking for shot after shot of their video to show a man clicking through software on his computer. While that may be how the product is actually used, it's incredibly boring and won't make your company stand out among your competitors. But this client was open to having fun with his video and incorporating funny moments you wouldn't be able to include in a live-action video. So here, we have King Kong roaring and blowing our protagonist out of his office…only to find himself landing safely on a “cloud” representing the cloud-based POS software that's saving his business. This is a great image that really stays with the viewer, so the next time they're thinking about switching to a new POS system, among the blah literal representations of your competitor's products, they'll recall “Hey, remember that one with King Kong in it?”

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