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Fire Starter Videos – One Of America’s Top Corporate Animation Companies

Probably the greatest animation studio of all time is Pixar. Founded by John Lasseter, (one of the greatest story tellers that has ever lived), and funded by Steve Jobs (one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history), Pixar has churned out hit after hit on the back of great stories, amazing attention to detail and a team that knows their craft like no other. Today, animation companies around the world strive to emulate the masters at Pixar.

Emulate the top animation companies

If you’re building a company, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to emulate some of the Pixar magic when telling your own story through an animated video. As pixar has proven, animation can be just as effective as live action, if not more so. There’s something about an endearing character that draws humans beings in and captures them in a most unexpected way.

Whether it be whiteboard animation or a simple pencil sketch, the right script, the right voice and just the right amount of emotion, can weave a communication tapestry far richer than even the most effectively crafted written messages.

Sample video by Fire Starter Videos – one of the top corporate animation companies in the US


Create frames to engage the viewer

So before you go too far down the line of scripting, think about the frames within which you can tell your company’s story. The frames can completely change the impact, and take you places you never thought possible.

In the video above, the frame starts with Dave the business owner, bouncing around inside the actual product he rents. This immediately orients the viewer (other owners of bouncy castles) and visually demonstrates that this video is specifically for that audience.

The scene then uses non-literal visual imagery to amplify the concepts in the script. It’s very powerful and the top animation companies can help you create these visual leverage points.

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