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Can I make my own demo video using animation software?

If you’re Googling around thinking of buying animation software to make your own explainer video, then here’s a few tips.

First, if your budget is super tight, perhaps try www.powtoons.com where for a small fee you can “build-your-own” explainer video. You won’t have anywhere near the customization that a studio like us will provide and it will take a lot of time and messing around – but for those do-it-yourselfers it can be a great solution.

Learning animation software

If you want to learn animation software, most corporate animation companies use Adobe After Effects. If you want to learn it, a great source of learning is www.udemy.com where you can take courses in all kinds of stuff, including After Effects.

For a vast majority of people though, taking the time to learn and master animation software just isn’t worth it. It takes years to become an expert and while you are fumbling around trying to do it, you could be out there selling and making money.

In any case, I hope these two tips help you out if your looking to up-skill in this area.

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