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What Makes A Great Animation Studio?

If you have been charged with unenviable task of finding a great animation studio for your company’s demo video, then I feel for you. It’s tough! There’s not only hundreds of animation studios out there, but many of them claim to be the best animation studio on planet earth. So how exactly do you make a short-list of the best animation animation studios?

Animation Studio Short List Item #1 – Portfolio

First, look at the animation studio’s work. Sounds simple right? Well it is. But there’s a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Check to see the quality of the artwork. Is it professional? Do the colors work?
  • Check to see if the visual ideas are strong. Are the visuals creative? Do they add to the story. Are they clever?
  • Check to see that they can produce an art style that you like. Often, animation studios have much larger portfolios than what they show on their site, so if you don’t see what you like, ask them to show you something in the style you want.

A portfolio can tell you a lot about the capability of an animation studio.

Animation Studio Short List Item #2 – Responsiveness

Call and email the potential animation studios and see how long it takes for someone to get back to you. Good businesses of any kind should want your business and show it by being responsive to your requests for help. If they are slow to respond when they don’t have your money, imagine how they’ll be when they do!

Animation Short List Item #3 – Price

As always, price is a factor in every commercial buying decision. Here at Fire Starter Videos, we have some of the lowest prices in the US. That’s because we operate on much lower margins than most animation studios. That being said, we have worked for some of the largest companies in the world. You will be hard-pressed to find an animation studio anywhere that can beat us on price and quality as a whole.

We’d love to work for you too!


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Working at an animation studio can be tough, but we love it!
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