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What’s an animation video service?

An animation video service is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Basically, it means that a company provides animated videos to order. There are many different types of animated videos that companies, like Fire Starter, provide. The main types are white board videos (also known as video scribing), cartoon animations, infographics, 3D videos, and pencil sketch videos. Each type has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered before picking a style for your video.

Who offers the best animation video service?

That’s an even more complicated question. Really, it boils down to a matter of personal taste. There are many different factors at play, ranging from art style to script. Some companies may offer one type of animation, while others might offer all of them. What you’re really looking for when it comes to animation video services, is what company offers the best bang for your buck. When picking the right company, you need to do your research. Check on pricing, the timeframe to complete a project, and definitely look at the portfolio on the company’s website. If you see a video you like, you’re much more likely to get a video you like.

What kind of animation video service is best for my product or service?

Each animation style has its own strengths that have to be strongly considered. Cartoon animation videos often tell the best stories and can show a great deal of movement. Whiteboard videos and pencil sketch videos both tend to feel more intimate as the audience often gets to see each element of the video being hand animated. Infographics are great for showing off software or conveying statistics. 3D animation can be very beautiful to look at and can certainly give your website a more professional look (but at lower price points, the animation is often recycled and repackaged for every customer giving your product a cookie cutter feel). Choosing what kind of animation video service best suits your product or service is very important.

Animation Video Service
An example of cartoon animation, one of the animation video services provided by Fire Starter Videos

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