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Looking for the best animation studio in town?

If your looking for an animation studio to make your company’s explainer video, the job can be daunting. The animated video business is one where the price variance is massive. At the low end you can pay a few hundred dollars to someone based offshore, at the high end you can pay $50,000 or more for a two minute video. So how do you choose an animation studio that’s right for your project?

Check the studio’s portfolio

Before you look at price and features, look at the work. This, above all else, will show you what an animation studio is capable of. What you are looking for is technical capability first. Remember, scripts and story lines are often largely influenced by the client so those metrics alone are not always a true representation of the studio’s capability. Look at things like the quality of the art. The ability of the artist to leverage the power of animation by adding value to the message through the visual medium.

A great animated video is not always the one with the fanciest graphics. Instead, it’s one where the creative use of visual tools adds to the story.

Look at “who” has use the animation studio before

Another good indicator of how good an animation studio is, is the quality of clients that have used them before. In this business, word-of-mouth is a major part of a studio’s growth. Over time, good animation studios earn a reputation and are referred by companies of similar ilk. Here at Fire Starter Videos we have worked for companies including; MasterCard, UNICEF, the World Bank, Cigna Healthcare and dozens of other bluechip clients.

Look at price!

No matter what anyone says, you deserve value for money! Fire Starter Videos is about the lowest price custom animation studio in the US. We win a lot of major clients who have unlimited budgets simply because value is important in any business transaction.

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Best Animation Studio
Part of Fire Starter Videos’ plan to become the best animation studio in the world is to provide its clients with a variety of options for the direction of their video.
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