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Business video production. Fun or a nightmare?

Based in Hollywood California, Fire Starter Videos is a leading business video production company focused on helping companies to better explain their products and services. Unlike cinematic animation companies, Fire Starter helps its clients via short-form animated videos that leverage their messages and increase conversion and sales.

These days, consumers want more from companies than glossy brochures and bland messaging. They want to see, feel and touch the essence of what a company is all about. All stuff that video does far more effectively than static text.

When looking for business video production companies, why should I consider Fire Starter Video?

Fire Starter Videos has become a highly successful animation company by following three guiding principles:

  1. Outstanding customer service.
  2. Industry leading quality and creativity.
  3. Low prices that are some times as much as half or even one third of their competitor’s prices.

As a result of delivering on these three principles, Fire Starter has served several hundred clients in many countries around the world.

How long does business video production take?

It depends on a lot of variables which are clearly explained here. Generally speaking though, the average time we see is about 6-8 weeks from start to finish. This allows enough time for revisions and refinements by the client.

Here’s a sample animation video we made. You can see many more here.


Business Video Production
Business video production doesn’t have to be boring!
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