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This is a great cartoon explainer video we made for a fire protection software company. It follows the story of a fire safety inspector and his startling inability to keep his files neat and organized. We've all been there: it's time to hand in your report and it was all pristine and wonderful when you printed it out but now there's a weird stain on it so you hide it under some other stuff before handing to your boss even though you're pretty sure he already knows and has already judged you for it. Not the best place to be. Fortunately for the fire safety guy (yes, you still have to suffer quietly) there's a way to automate the process, making sure no documents get lost or damaged.

Like most animated explainer videos, this one combines humor with a whole bunch of great information. It not only explains why having this software would benefit individual employees, but also how it would help supervisors and customers. All that without getting too bogged down in the technical aspects of the software!

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