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Here's a really cool cartoon explainer video for a sports management system optimized for the YMCA. Like most great explainer videos, this one implements a lot of humor. Our main character is constantly being chased or attacked by stacks of paperwork or bad handwriting, her biggest problems given life. Explainer videos often employ visual metaphors to get the point across.

Here at Fire Starter, we've had a lot of clients come in with some very literal visual ideas. What we always try and tell them is that they should be open to utilizing the medium. Essentially, if you're making a cartoon, it's okay to have fun with it a little. The most successful animated explainer videos, whether they use whiteboard or cartoon animation, use exciting, dynamic visuals, designed to capture the attention of their audience. Anyone could show you a video of an administrator sitting in front of a computer, but only a cartoon can show that administrator being chased by cell phones with soul patches into a cave where she finds a magic star. It may sound a bit crazy, but it works!

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