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Here's a cool cartoon explainer video for an app that helps college students buy and sell textbooks. You've probably heard the stories: buy a $300 textbook you only use 2 pages of at the beginning of the semester and, when you try and return it at the end of the year, all you get is a penny and a sense of failure. With this explainer video, we really tried to capture that frustration, while trying to appeal to a college audience with a heavy dose of humor.

When creating any kind of animated explainer video, we encourage our clients to implement some humor. After all, you want to engage your audience for as long as possible and they're not going to stick around for a 90-second how-to guide. Here at Fire Starter, we understand that explainer videos can be the ultimate form of “edu-tainment” (and, yes, we hate that word just as much as you do), which is important to consider, especially when dealing with a younger demographic.

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