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Fire Starter Videos offers a lot of different explainer video services. But the two most popular, by far, are cartoon animation and whiteboard animation. The real question is: which is better?


Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos, also known as scribe videos, pencil sketch videos, and high speed sketch videos, are videos with static images that you can see being “drawn” on screen. There are a lot of pros to choosing whiteboard animation for your explainer video needs. Overall, whiteboard videos are a much more intimate experience. Since each scene is drawn, your audience gets much more time with each image. Studies have shown that while audiences often give up on online videos if they aren’t entertained after the first 30 seconds, whiteboard videos have a 75% audience retention rate for up to two full minutes of video.

Whiteboards also have their fair share of cons. Since each image is drawn, there are far fewer images on screen than you’d get with a cartoon animation. Whiteboard images also tend to be static shots. While some whiteboard videos have color components, you likely won’t get the same amount of colors with a whiteboard that you’d get with a cartoon.


Cartoon Animation

The main strength of cartoon videos is their versatility. There are greater varieties of animation style, the opportunity for exciting transitions, and, generally, cartoon videos tend to be quite a bit funnier than white board videos due to their capacity for incorporating sight gags.

But, of course, cartoon animation is not without its faults. As I mentioned above, they have a lower audience retention rate than whiteboard videos. They also tend to take longer to produce due to the amount of detail that goes into them.


Which is better?

Obviously, asking which one of these styles is “better” is a subjective question. The better question is “which is right for my company?” If your company is something a bit less dynamic (like selling insurance or legal advice, for example), whiteboard is probably your best bet. The subject matter likely won’t hook your audience right away, but the animation style might help to keep them around longer. If you want to tell a more detailed story, cartoon animation is the way to go. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Either way, Fire Starter Videos will provide you with the best possible product.

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