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Cartoon services are our specialty!

Fire Starter Videos provides cartoon services, whiteboard animation services and even a few SEO services to help you get your work found in the world of online video. Founded in 2012, Fire Starter has created cartoons for everyone from UNICEF to the World Bank, so no matter what the subject matter, we can help.

Why use cartoons in your business?

Cartoons are a great way to explain your products or services because there’s something inherently friendly about cartoons. Cartoons are also great because you don’t need to be literal when explaining something in a cartoon. This gives you tremendous creative scope.

Are cartoon services all the same?

Cartoon software is all the same but creating a cartoon that achieves a commercial outcome requires human involvement. Humans with skill. To make a great cartoon for your business, you need to hire a cartoon services company that understands marketing as well as how to make cartoons. Here at Fire Starter Videos, we have a crack-team of commercially focused script writers, highly creative story board artists and industry-leading animators – all of whom work toward the single goal of making the best cartoon videos for business in the industry.

To learn more about making great cartoons for your business, contact us today. We’ll show you why we are one of the top cartoon services companies in the US.


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