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Who are the best demo video companies?

A quick Google search using the search term “demo video companies” will return about 588,000 results. Wowzers! Where do you start?

Before you begin, it is critical that you understand that making a great explanation video for your business is a collaborative effort. You can’t just hire an artist or animator and say “make this great.” What looks like a simple thing actually has a lot of moving parts.

The 10 steps to making a demo video

Just so you know, here are the ten steps to creating an animated videoand getting it out there:

  1. Discovery phase. This is where the animation companylearns about our product or service.
  2. Script writing phase.
  3. Voiceover phase.
  4. Storyboard phase. This is where the artists hand-draw all the visual concepts that will go along with the script.
  5. Illustration phase. This is where the artists draw and render full color stills of all the characters and scenes.
  6. Animation phase. This is where the animators take the rendered images and make them move. They also do the transitions between scenes.
  7. Sound design. This is where the voiceover is added along with any sound effects and music.
  8. Editing.
  9. Delivery.
  10. Promotion of your video online and elsewhere.

As you can see, there are several different professions involved in making a single animated video. At Fire Starter Videos we appoint a project manager to every project so that you only have to deal with one person throughout.

How long does it take to make a demo video?

Because of the custom nature of each video we make, putting an exact timeline on production is impossible. At each stage, you will be required to give feedback and direction because each professional involved in the production on our side is a professional at what they do, not at what you do. Some clients want lots of changes along the way and take a considerable amount of time to provide their feedback, while others require very few changes and they give their feedback quickly.

The best way to think of it is like getting an architect to design your future home. It may only take two weeks to draw the plans, but to turn those plans into a home design that you are going to want to live in for years may take a month or two (by the time you’ve moved a few doors, raised the archways or narrowed the corridors).

Animated explainer videosare the same. They are a multidisciplinary product that requires the collaboration of around six different professions.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in making a great explainer videofor your business, without the headache of trying to find and manage all of the contributors separately.


Demo Video Companies

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