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What’s a demo video production company?

A demo video production company is a company, usually a studio, that makes demo videos. The real question is “what’s a demo video?” The answer is just as simple. A demo video is short video, usually around 90 seconds, that demonstrates a product or service. Demo videos aren’t limited to any specific industry, either. Fire Starter Videos has produced demo videos for medical companies, software companies, pet services, nonprofit organizations, and more!

What are the steps of demo video production?

Demo video production has several steps.

  • You start off with a product or service. It should be something complicated or at least something that you might have to explain the value of to a potential consumer or client.
  • Once you’ve got your product or service, you need to identify what you want to say about that product or service. Fire Starter Videos has a handy questionnaire for clients to go through that tends to help with this process.
  • The next step is the script. Some companies, like Fire Starter, have professional writers on staff who will work with you to tell the story you’d like to tell.
  • With your script in hand, it’s up to you to decide which style of animation you’d like to use. Each type, from whiteboards to cartoon animation to infographics, has different strengths.
  • Then you get to the actual drawing part of things. Most companies will provide you with storyboards and character designs that you’ll get to look over and give input on.
  • After the storyboard has been settled, there’s the animation phase. Depending on the company and the length of your video (determined by your voice over, if you have one), this process can take anywhere from weeks to months. But once it’s complete, you’ve got yourself a brand new animated video!

How can producing a demo video help my business?

So why should you get an demo video made? The simple truth is that people like watching videos way more than they like reading text. Tell them a story and they’ll be even more engaged. Demo video production can be a vital part of growing your business if you take the time to do it right!

Demo Video Production
Here’s an example of a the kind of demo video production done by Fire Starter Videos

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