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What’s a doodle video company?

A doodle video company is a company that makes doodle videos. Which, of course, leads to the obvious question of “what’s a doodle video?” You’ve probably seen several doodle videos by now. Really “doodle video” is just another term for a whiteboard animation, also known as a high-speed sketch video, also known as a scribe video. In the off chance you’re here and you’ve never heard any of those terms, I’m more than happy to explain. A doodle video is pretty much what it sounds like: an animated video where the viewer gets to see the drawing taking place. Generally, the drawing gets sped up (hence the “high-speed sketch” moniker). The video above is a great example of a whiteboard animation.

Why should you hire a doodle video company to make your video?

So this really boils down to “why would you want a doodle video?” After all, if you’re getting an animated video made, cartoon animation is far more versatile. Well, versatility is great and all but what you want, more than anything, is retention. Studies show that on most videos, viewer engagement drops to about 80% after 30 seconds. However, with whiteboard animation, engagement doesn’t reach that level until a minute has elapsed. While engagement continues to decrease as time passes, whiteboard videos retain over 75% of their audience even after the two minute mark (YDraw, 2013, source). That’s why you want to hire a doodle video company.

doodle video company
This is a still of a video made by a doodle video company

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