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One of the things that surprises people when I get chatting about the process of making an animated video is the fact that we still hand-draw every frame before we make it. Take a look below at a few frames from a whiteboard animation video we made (whiteboard animation is where you see a hand fast-drawing on the screen while the voice actor narrates the script). Notice the color coding of the script and how we use corresponding dots so the client can see what is being drawn when?


Hopefully you can tell from the above drawings that this art is being hand-drawn by a real cartoonist who knows how to build expression, fun, and engagement into the story. In a moment I am going to reveal a secret about our industry that many
buyers don't know. On the surface it seems like a small secret, but the truth is, if you don't know about this secret, the emotional impact of your video will be dramatically different.

For now, just look at the image on page 25 and notice the expressions on the character's faces. Each one is emotive and you “feel” sorry for the guy holding the piggy bank. That feeling is stimulated because the artist is talented and he is drawing these characters for this particular script and business.

Now let me show you what a storyboard looks like from a cartoon project – before it becomes a cartoon:


Again, in the two scenes below, everything is hand-drawn which means that you have full creative control over everything that happens in your animation. If you want a pink pig flying to the moon on a rocket, we can do that.


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