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Video thumbnail for youtube video Animation Studios - Fire Starter Videos - America's #1 Animation Company For Explainer Videos, Demo Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos, Cartoon Animation.

The reason I showed you the images above is to illustrate in real terms what custom animation looks like. It means we create everything from scratch just for you and your project.

What many cheap animation companies won’t tell you is that they are simply using pre-made characters from shared character libraries and then merging them together in-time with your script. They don’t hand draw facial expressions. They don’t design characters just for you. They don’t do anything that is truly custom.

This saves a bunch of time, but it also means that no real thought has been put into how everything looks and what those characters can do is very limited because the libraries don’t allow much flexibility.

At Fire Starter Videos, we build fully custom videos that start with a pen and paper, and we build from there.

Do not fall victim to fiverr, odesk, and other explainer video sources. Many of them use pre built templates. Put your best foot forward and make sure you find a company that creates custom built videos using professionals every step of the way.

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