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This layer is easily the most under appreciated part of making a great explainer video. Everyone has heard the saying, “A picture tells a thousand words”. Well the visual design team at Fire Starter Video are the people who decide what pictures will be created and how those pictures will move, morph and reveal the story in a compelling way. Importantly, they don’t do the drawing, they just do the thinking.

Let me give you some examples of how important this role is.

Example #1 – The “Slaves” Video

Most people who have discovered our company have seen what we affectionately refer
to as our “slaves video”. Basically it’s an explainer video we made for ourselves where we explain the process of making an explainer video. Rather than create a dry script that says “Step one is this and step two is that” – we created a visual concept that cast our creative team as a group of under appreciated artists that are imprisoned underground in dark caves and whipped mercilessly by an cruel mistress called “Dr. Deadline”.



This visual narrative brings drama, humor and life to an otherwise boring “process video”.

Example #2 – Santa V Simon How The North Was Won

Another example of creating visual settings that increase engagement can be seen in a video that we made for a company that provides a computer monitoring service for companies.
On its own it’s a pretty dry story, but we created a visual narrative that told the story of two young toy makers living in the North Pole.

One was Simon and the other was Santa. Simon was the kind of guy that did everything himself, including fixing his computers, while Santa outsourced computer maintenance to the pros so he could focus on distribution, brand building and other important aspects of his business. Santa became “Santa” and Simon became an alcoholic who spends his days reflecting on what could have been, had he only outsourced the little things to focus on the important things.

SantaThis reframing of the story draws the viewer into a relatable, entertainment based frame that makes learning about the service fun and attractive.

Example #3 – iPhone Covers Cast As Sex & The City Characters

Another video we made was to sell luxury iPhone covers. Rather than explain the manufacturing process and show animated 3D models of the covers, we created a bar scene where smart phones (made to look like people) can be seen mingling. Male phones are chatting up female phones and then the doors swing back and four super hot iPhones walk into the bar in their fancy iPhone clothes and the whole bar stops and starts staring. “A cell in the city has to have the proper attire”.


Again, the visuals were a clear nod to an already established concept and it moved the product from a boring “me too” brand to something people associated with something fun and glamorous.

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