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Explainer Video

The explainer video business is a relatively new industry that grew quickly as the high-cost of sophisticated animation software declined and its ease-of-use increased. Animation used to be the exclusive domain of big-budget studios like Pixar and Disney, but these days what you can do with software that costs just a few thousand dollars is amazing.

The important thing for you to understand is that being able to use software is quite different from being able to create a video that can redefine a company’s place within an industry. Those category defining videos are only achieved when the script and visual design are outstanding and layers three through seven are of an exceptionally high quality.

To not make this distinction about the importance of the words and the visual story design would be like saying Winston Churchill and the average high school student can both write speeches and leaving it at that. The statement is true, but only one of them can write speeches that fortify entire nations in times of dire need.

When you put the importance of an explainer video into its proper context, what emerges is the need for finding a company that understands not only how to use software, but how to execute on all seven layers. Truthfully, our industry is crowded with technicians who have learned how to use animation software and then began marketing themselves as explainer videos experts, when there is far more to it than just those one or two layers.

Here at Fire Starter we hire sales people who only sell. Account managers who only manage jobs while they are being made. Writers who only write scripts. Creative engineers who brainstorm ways to leverage the power of animation to tell the visual story. Cartoonists who draw the ideas that the creative team come up with. Voice actors who only read scripts. Bookkeepers who only keep the books.

The point is that unlike many small animation studios where there’s an animator who does everything from sales to sending the invoice, at Fire Starter we have a team of experts across each of the layers who just do their part well.

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