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A Cautionary Tale

Or is it?

You’ve probably been shopping around for a great company to make your new video. You want someone with style and pizzazz and a great portfolio of fantastic work! But they need to fit in your budget. So you search and you search for what feels like an eternity. By now you’ve got a solid list of companies who fit in your price range. Just barely. And then one of your friends or coworkers points you to a freelance site. After all, why pay thousands when you could throw down a couple hundred for “pretty much the same thing?”

Not to put down freelancers because, honestly, some of them are doing truly fantastic work and we’ve even gone out of our way to hire some up-and-coming talent, but there’s a big difference between a premium service provider like Fire Starter Videos and some freelancer you found on eLance.

Here at Fire Starter, we’ve got a whole crew of animators and we have over a hundred projects in various stages of development at any given time. We’ve streamlined our process to take you through each step with as much information and care as possible. And we’re located in the U.S.

I know that doesn’t seem like a major selling point, but it can be very helpful. Being U.S. based means we operate in more or less the same time zone, we have the same work schedule as any other U.S. company, and we understand U.S. cultural norms. We’re easily reachable by email, phone, or even an in-office visit. On top of all that patriotic goodness, our tried-and-true policies and process are designed with you in mind. You’ll have a dedicated, experienced project manager for your video, guiding you through production, too! Our prices and timelines are as transparent as they can be (considering each video is entirely custom-made).

Freelance is, simply put, a bit less reliable than that. It may seem cheaper at first glance, but that price also reflects the quality of service you’re getting. Again, there’s always the chance you’ll end up with a reliable, quick, talented freelancer working on your project. But there’s also the chance that you won’t. Maybe your deadlines will get missed or you’ll get some recycled and repackaged animation. Maybe the costs will steadily rack up with each small change you request. Maybe your requests won’t even get implemented.

With premium service providers like Fire Starter, you’re getting a guarantee of quality and service and you’re getting it at a price our competitors can’t touch.

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