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Your Brands First Impression

I know its not politically correct to say, but the truth is we do judge people, businesses and most other things in life, first by the way they look. It's programmed into our DNA. Our eyes feed critical information to our brains, which helps us quickly form an opinion of what things mean and what to do with what we are seeing. For this reason, when a prospect first encounters your brand, whether that be via an in-person meeting with a sales person, dropping by your website, or watching an explainer video, the way that piece of your brand looks matters. Let me give you an example.

Near where I live in Los Angeles, there's a Chinese doctor who sells hair implants from a strip-shop positioned between a nail salon and a Thai bakery. There are no medical practitioners within a few miles of where he is. He has laminated posters of before-and-after photos stuck to the inside of his shop window, and these posters are faded and falling off from the Californian sun. No matter how good this doctor might be, what I am seeing tells me not to trust this guy with anything related to medical practice. Sadly, many businesses present their brands in the same way, and most don't know it.

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