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Whiteboard Animation Studios Use Simple Lines for a Simple Look

Many of the clients who reach out to our whiteboard animation studio are looking for a video that not only explains their product or service in simple terms, but does so in a style that also looks clean and simplified. That’s why a whiteboard video is the best choice for some companies that want to create this type of branding across the board for their site and other marketing tools. The uncomplicated elegance of a video created by a whiteboard animation studio further emphasizes this message by matching the physical style of the video to its core story.

Simple is Also Faster!

A 90-second animated video takes around 3 weeks to complete, but more often than not, our whiteboard animation studio can turn out a 90-second video in about 1/3 less of the time. This is because the animations are more simplified and there isn’t a long coloring process like there is in a traditional cartoon.

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