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Google's new algorithm and how an animated video can raise your google search rankings overnight

Google rolled out its newest Penguin algorithm in 2012. After the chaos subsided and everyone in the marketing and SEO world was forced to do a 180, there was a collective sigh of relief, at least for all of the businesses out there trying to create quality content.

It felt like a return to quality was underway.

In my view, not only did Google help the internet at large, but it also took into account the value of animated videos as higher quality information sources (as you will see in my test below).

Millions of business owners have spent hours analyzing the new course that Google has charted but rather than wade through opinions and blog posts, I thought I would do an actual test in my own industry.

Renaming the video itself took us to page 1 in two days…

The first test I ran was to simply rename a video that was already in our You Tube channel. What I discovered was that although the video itself explained what we did, the title was “Fire Starter Video #1” instead of a title with any keywords relating to what searchers may be looking for. So I changed the title of the file to include keywords.

Within two days we went from being unranked for those keywords to the bottom of page 1 on Google. I am no Penguin expert but I would say that Google does place value on video content.

Be careful not to keyword bomb in your copy

In speaking with my colleagues, they all believe that in general content (like this blog post) you need to be careful of how many keywords you use. Over-use is called “keyword bombing” and Google doesn’t seem to like it. This black hat practice will actually hinder your marketing efforts. Hopefully this will mean a push away from poorly written copy. It's estimated that you should be trying to achieve a 1-2% keyword goal and make use of latent semantic keywords (aka using synonyms).

Use videos on your site, your hubs, your blogs – pretty much everything!

If a picture tells 1,000 words then a video must tell 1,000,000. In fact, digital marketing across the globe has increased exponentially especially the use of animated explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos. Aside from my test above, video can also viral quickly. It’s a great tool to take your message around the world – perfectly every time.

Links + Relevance = Results

Another great use for your online video is via your social media assets. The more popular you are on the internet and relevant people who are ranked as relevant to your industry, the quicker you are going to rise up the rankings. So if you get an animated video company to make you an awesome explainer video, make sure you punch it out through your blog, to Twitter and Facebook.

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