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Want to learn how to make an explainer video?

So, you want to make an explainer video to explain your product or service? That’s an awesome idea that will lead to more inquiry for your product or service.

Let’s face it. People hate reading stuff. By creating a short, accessible, entertaining and compelling explainer video, you are giving your customers a break from the structured noise that your competitors roll out via their boring websites and stuffy newsletters.

If your explainer video is simple (and fun), it will be better.

An explainer video should be fun and it should be simple. If you look at any Apple advertisement, you will notice that the ads are always simple, clean and easy to understand. Simplicity is implicit in their messaging – always.

So when you are thinking about making an explainer video for your business, think about what it’s like to be in your customer’s shoes and what it would take for them to go “WOW! I want to buy from these guys.”

Explain the benefits and not just the features…

A good start is to think about the benefits they want and not the features you have built into your product or service. For example, if you are writing a script for an animated video to sell electric drills, talk about your drill making the best, smoothest and most accurate hole in the world and not how the drill has three speeds, reinforced titanium drill bits and a two speed clutch. Drill buyers want holes in walls, not features on an electrical device. make sense?

We make can make you a great explainer video!

Great animation companies get these subtleties and work with their clients to ensure that their messaging is spot on. At Fire Starter Videos you have found one of those companies.

Call or email today! We would love to be of service to your organization.

How To Make An Explainer Video

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