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Explainer Videos: Mastery of Layers

One of the things I have learned over the years is that if you aim at nothing, you tend to hit with amazing accuracy. On the other hand, some people aim to be the best at what they do and those people tend to advance quickly in life.

When it comes to branding, my recommendation is to shoot to match the quality of the biggest and the best. This sounds easy in theory, but it’s an art to really notice the details and persevere with your vision while overcoming the constant temptation to spend less at the expense of quality.

The other key aspect to “hacking” branding is to know exactly what the layers are
in any given brand engagement point that you’re working on. Is there anything else adding to or subtracting from the brand – like background music, background noise, etc? Let me give you an example.

When someone rings your business, what happens? Here at Fire Starter we used
to have a live answering service which was answered 24/7 by real people who then routed the calls to whichever person or department was needed. The idea was that
it stopped the phones ringing in our open-plan office and we thought it would be good to have live answering 24/7. The problem was that the phones would often ring 10-15 times before being answered and because these call centers have hundreds of clients, the people on the other end of the phone sounded like robots. They had no passion for our business or any knowledge of who we were and what we did.

So therein lies some of the “layers” of this particular brand point:

– How long does the phone ring?
– How upbeat is the person who answers?
– How knowledgable is the person who answers?
– How does the process feel generally?
– Is there anything else adding to or subtracting from the brand – like background music background noise, etc?

With these “layers” in mind, we switched to an automated service with GrassHopper. com . This system answers all incoming calls within 2-3 rings. The caller then hears an upbeat piece of music and a professional voice actor that says:

“Welcome to Fire Starter Videos in beautiful Hollywood California! We’re open between 9-6 Pacific Standard Time. For sales, press 1. To speak with your production manager, press 2. For everything else, press 3.”

Calls are then routed directly to the necessary person and the whole process “feels” professional because each layer was attended to. So if you’re going to make a great explainer video, understanding the Mastery of Layers in a top level explainer video will help you achieve a much better result.

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