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Music and Voice Overs for Explainer Videos

If you've got a great script, great visual design, great art and great animation, all that's left is great sound. Again, sound is something that most people outside of the movie business don't think about, but there's a reason they give out Academy Awards for music composers and sound engineers.

The right voice can have a profound impact on the overall quality of any production. Think about Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough. Their voices give comfort, warmth and assurance to anybody watching their films.

Music is the same. The right piece of music can completely change the mood and feel of a scene.

At Fire Starter Videos, we have some of the best voice actors in the industry on the books who've read for companies including Microsoft, AT&T, Disney, Apple, Facebook, Levi's, Ford, The Cartoon Network and many others.

Outside of Fire Starter, many of these voice actors command large fees to lend their voice to a project, but because we give our stable of readers so much work, we have negotiated extremely low rates that give everyone access to their skills.

Again, making your brand feel like a Billion dollar business is about paying attention to the details, and sound is one of those very important details.

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