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At Fire Starter Videos, we pride ourselves on being among the lowest priced, highest quality, and fastest working video production companies in the USA.

The prices below are good for any style of video up to 90 seconds long.

For every second beyond the first 90 seconds, we charge a flat rate of $20/second. So for example, an additional 30 seconds will cost an additional $600. The good news is you only pay for exactly what you get.

Foreign language prices

If your video is in any language other than English, we charge a premium of $499 per video. This is to cover the additional time and expense of translation, sourcing voice talent, and managing the production of a video in a foreign language (there’s lots of little stuff).

What about revisions?

One of the trickiest parts of making these videos is the totally custom nature of every single job. No two videos are alike. No two companies are alike. No two people are alike to work with. Everything is different every time.

With that in mind, understanding exactly how many revisions are included in the price quoted is critical. Please download this document which explains what’s included. About 90% of our clients do not have to pay for additional revisions beyond what is included and explained in this document. That being said, occasionally we get particularly demanding clients, which is totally OK, except there is a point where those demands have to be paid for.

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