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According to InternetRetailer.com shoppers who view online product videos are 85% more likely to buy than those who don’t.

In a recent report released by InternetRetailer.com, it was revealed that consumers who view well produced product videos are 85% more likely to buy than those that don’t. Numbers like that should make all online marketers sit up and take notice.

In a world where consumers are used to constant stimulation, the static word is losing ground in the battle for moving consumers to action – the whole purpose of spending money on marketing. Unlike static text, video engages the viewer on a number of levels and in doing so, a good video can build trust, educate more deeply and cover far more ground than most ammeter content writers could ever hope for.

The fact that well produced video content can cover more ground quickly is also being reflected in the positive data around video consumption now coming out of surveys with executives across the country. In a recent Forbes study, 59% of executives said that given the choice between watching a video or reading text when they arrive at a company’s website, video would be their medium of choice to learn about the company.

Of all the video formats available, animation has quickly emerged as the go-to format for business of all sizes and type. Unlike live action videos, animated videos require no live talent, they can be written and produced completely offline in a studio, and there are never any over runs or pressures around time. As a result, messages can be crafted perfectly, edited endlessly and all at a fraction of the cost of producing a live action promotional video.

There is something more to animated videos though. Animated “explainer videos” (as they are often referred to by online marketers) grant their creators a certain degree of visual “poetic license”. Because everything is done by software, there is no limit to what can be portrayed onscreen all without changing the budget by a single penny. Not only that, the viewer knows that it’s a cartoon and that everything they are seeing doesn’t necessarily have to be literal. This gives businesses a great deal of room to express their brand in ways that were previously either impossible or simple too expensive.

Here at Fire Starter Videos, we have produced hundreds of animated videos for all kinds of companies and organizations ranging from The World Bank to Mastercard to UNICEF through to small business across almost every sector. To learn more, simply fill out your information in the form to the right of this article.

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