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Please watch this short video to see the two types of actions available to you.

[leadplayer_vid id=”50C6627D835CC”]



The first thing we can do is add a hyperlink at some point in the video. This can appear at point during the video and stay for any period of time.

The second thing we can do is build a lead generation form right into the player so customers can put their name an email address into the player itself and you will get their information instantly.


To get a lead generation form setup, you have to have an account with an email management software like Aweber or Mail Chimp. If you don’t have an account with an email management software, we recommend Mail Chimp because it’s super easy to use. You can setup a free account that will suffice by going to www.mailchimp.com.

Once you have setup your list in your email management software, you need to give us HTML form code for that list so that we can send your leads to your email management software.

Use their tutorials if you’re new

Please email us if you are having trouble with this BUT, if you are new to email management software, please spend some time going through the tutorials they have on their site BEFORE calling us because their training is better than ours on their software.

Here’s the form.

First Name Last Name Email Phone Remarks