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What Is A Good Promotional Video Supposed To Do?

These days, it seems everybody is making a promotional video to tell their company’s story. Why? It’s because these days people prefer to watch engaging promotional videos than to read text. It’s great news for businesses because you can demonstrate much more through a good promotional video than most of us every could through written text. The right promotional video can differentiate you from your competitors in ways never before possible.

How A Great Promotional Video Created A Great Business

Here’s an awesome promotional video which went viral in 2011. Take a look and then we’ll discuss why it worked so well.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – A Good Promotional Video Can Tell Far More

In the promotional video above, we get to see and feel so much more than we ever could through written word alone. What’s great is that Mike actually is Mike, the CEO of the company. He is hard not to like and the humor is palpable. Video takes us into Mike’s world and gives us a tour of much more than just his warehouse.

Animated Promotional Video – A Tool That Levels The Playing Field

Here at Fire Starter Videos, we don’t do live action videos like the sample above. Instead we do animated promotional videos like this one below.


The reason that animated promotional videos like the one above are so popular is because they level the playing field. You don’t have to “be like Mike” in the Dollar Shave Club video. Instead, you can create characters that become your actors. Not only that, but you can hire an explainer video company like us to come up with the wit and fun, if that’s not your strong suit.

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Promotional Video
This is an example of a promotional video made by Fire Starter Videos
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