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What’s a scribe video production?

A scribe video production is simply another name for a whiteboard animation (which is also known as a high-speed sketch video). Simply put, it’s a video where you can actually see the drawing taking place. Scribe videos are fun, engaging, and eye-catching. Scribe videos tend to show fewer overall images when compared with cartoon animation and info-graphic videos. As a result, the images drawn on screen, while simpler, are often more dynamic.

What are the benefits of a scribe video production?

The benefits of a scribe video production are numerous. Not only are they fun to watch and much less prolific than cartoon animation videos or info-graphic videos (giving your company a bit of a unique edge), they’ve also been shown to have greater audience retention. People like seeing how things are made. Japanese Haibachi restaurants like Benihana and television shows like How It’s Made have been capitalizing on this fascination with construction for many years. It’s even the basis of the majority of cooking shows on TV! People love seeing how something gets built, even if they have no interest in replicating the thing themselves. Scribe video production is a great way to engage your audience and an awesome way to show off your product or service!

scribe video
A frame from a scribe video production done by Fire Starter Videos

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