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Scribe videos – taking the internet by storm!

The term scribe videos was coined after a series of super popular videos were released by RSA Animate – an organization that made a series of videos to share significant humanitarian ideas with the world.

If you haven’t checked out there site I strongly recommend that you do. Here’s a link > http://www.thersa.org/events/rsaanimate

CEOs and thought leaders quickly started using scribe videos…

Upon seeing these world class scribe videos, company owners and CEOs around the world quickly saw the potential for this new form of animation and companies like Fire Starter Videos started popping up offering the service.

Scribe videos or whiteboard animation is a particularly appealing medium for explaining technical or abstract concepts like those on the RSA Animate site. There is something about watching a cartoon being drawn that just mesmerises people. The progressive unfoldment of a visual narrative holds the mind’s attention and engages you in the process.

What do scribe videos look like?

Here’s a sample of a video we made for client who sells high-performance sporting supplements to professional athletes. I think you will see what I mean about the engaging nature of the style.

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