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Have you ever found yourself watching a video and all that is going through your head is this statement – “Get to the point already!” If you have, then you have been subjected to the messaging of an author who either hasn't targeted their marketing correctly or to someone who has no idea how to sell their product, service, or idea.

As much as we may not like it, building an outstanding explainer video is all about selling an idea well. It may not be an idea that leads to an immediate financial transaction, but it must be an idea that convinces the watcher to click here, sign up there or do something to move your cause forward. The message must be crafted in a such a way that the watcher is drawn in with every second that passes, and then only briefly (if at all) talk about some of the features. Chances are they have finally decided to hang that wedding picture and they need a hole in the wall.

With that in mind, before you put pen-to-paper, you must KNOW, without any doubt, what's on the minds of your audience, or put something on their minds that is uncomfortable to live with before alleviating their discomfort with your solution.

If you have ever done any kind of basic sales training, the first thing they teach you is that people buy on emotion and justify with reason. In other words, forget logic and think about emotion. When making a whiteboard animation or animated video of any kind, the script is the backbone of everything else so it needs to zero-in quickly on
the problem your product or service solves, and then only briefly (if at all), talk about some of the features. Sadly, most entrepreneurs make their audience endure a litany of feature-based dialog that has little to do with the actual benefit the watcher will get if they sign up or buy.

If you are selling electric drills, what would cause someone to start that search for your product? Chances are, they have finally decided to hang that wedding picture and they need a hole in the wall.

Poor marketers would ramble on about how their drill has titanium drill bits, dual speed motors and a quad cell recharging device. Good marketers would talk about how quickly they can get the drill to you or how easy it will be to get the hole drilled. Great marketers sell the hole, not the drill.

The point is simple. Know what your customers want and give it to them.

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