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Like most businesses, we have loads of people coming to our website but only a small percentage of them fill out a form and make an inquiry. The big “strategy” was simply to put a pop-up on our website that appears if people move their mouse toward the top right corner of our web page (in other words they are clicking to leave). The pop-up offers them a free eBook that shows them the 7 critical steps to making an explainer video. If you want to grab a copy to see what we did, you can get it here.

2,236 leads for free…

Since we added that pop up, an average of 43 people a week have been giving us their email address in exchange for the eBook. Crazy right! Over the course of just 1 year, that’s 2,236 people that we can now market to that would otherwise have just left our site. When you consider that we pay Google or Bing a few bucks for every click they send to our site, doubling the number of prospects makes a massive difference.

Where to get the plugin…

Our site runs on WordPress. If you have a WordPress site as well, you can get the plugin here. If not, I am sure your web master can find something similar for you.

Have a great 2014 and if we can be of any further assistance, please let us know!

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