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These days it’s not tech-startups making cool explainer videos to showcase their offerings…

It used to be the cool kids that made explainer videos. You’ve seen them. The clever scripts, casual narration and cartoon characters that somehow make complex ideas seem easy. These days though, traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses are using animation to explain their services too. Why? Because no matter what your business sells, someone needs to explain it and professional explainer videos do it 24/7 and you only have to pay for them once.

What makes this solar company explainer video so good?”

The video above is a project we just finished for a client. The first reason it works is because it’s not too long! It’s right on 90 seconds (91 actually). Second, it easily transports the customer to the otherwise unseen problems of owning a solar power system. Imagine trying to explain the problem of expanding electrical connections caused by hot weather if not for the power and flexibility of animation? Third, it’s accessible. What I mean is that it speaks to the viewer in a non-threatening or “salesy” way. Finally (and perhaps most importantly) it highlights the personal losses that a poorly maintained solar system will cost the viewer. In summary, it creates pain and then links their solution to the removal off that pain.

Clever use of visual cues…

Finally, the video above really leverages the power of demo videos through clever use of visual charts to SHOW (not just tell) the real costs of not maintaining your solar power system. If you want to see what I mean, go to the 55 second mark and see how the visual manipulation of the bar charts really drives home the cost benefits of maintenance V neglect.

Closing thoughts on this explainer video…

You may be wondering why my opinion on this video carries any weight at all given that our company made it. Well, the truth is, no video we ever make is solely our work. In every case we collaborate with the client who ultimately has final-cut on all aspects of production. This client did take our advice and contributed many great ideas themselves so it’s their video as much as ours.

That being said, in my view these guys nailed it! The script is clean, uncluttered and clearly explains how their product or service removes pain in the life of the prospect. I believe they will see a sharp spike in their online conversions and it will also serve as a great tool for their sales people to play at the table on their iPads when visiting prospective customers. Great job!


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