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How do you know if you’ve found one of the top animation companies?

Top Animation Companies

Top corporate animation companies are companies that take the time to really understand your product, service and market, and then have the skills to refine a powerful and targeted message that evokes action from your audience. Great animation is not about special effects, it’s affecting people in a special way.

What should I look for in animation companies?

When you begin the journey of looking for an animated video company, it will help you greatly if you understand that the animation part is only about 20% of the job. The other 80% consists of:

  • Your provider understanding your product or service.
  • Your provider knowing who your audience is.
  • Crafting the script in a special way so that your audience’s light pops on in their head so they say, Yes! That’s me! I need this!’
  • Choosing the right voice artist.
  • And lots more!

The right and wrong questions to ask animation companies

Too often we speak to entrepreneurs and all they ask is, How much can you do it for and how long does it take? This whole line of questioning presupposes that all animation companies are alike and they’re not! Not by a long shot.

Yes we happen to be one of the lowest priced providers in the US and yes we turn things around fairly quickly, but those are still not the best questions. A great video can make you a great deal of money – certainly far more than what even an expensive one north of $10,000 would cost.

So choose wisely and ask quality questions that lead to a quality job. Your vision will pay off in the long run and you will be far better off as a result.

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