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How much do top animation companies charge?

When it comes to top corporate animation video companies in the US, most of them charge upwards of $7,000 for the first minute and go up from there. So what exactly are you paying for at that level? The answer is simple. Brain power.

Quality animation videos are not as simple as they look.

Animation videos are deceptively complex. A cursory glance would say that all animation video companies do is make simple cartoons, pencil sketches or whiteboard animations. Big deal, right? Wrong! Great animated videos build businesses – big ones.

A multi-billion dollar business built on an animated video…

When you get a minute, go visit www.dropbox.com . This is a multi-billion dollar company. On their home page is nothing but an Animation Video and a sign-up button. That fact alone speaks volumes in regard to how crucial they believe a great video is.

I am told that the company that made that video charges about $15,000 – $20,000 for a 2 minute video like that. In the context of what Dropbox is now worth it's pittance. If you think the choice of company was irrelevant think again.

Simplicity does not equal easy. Animation videos are an art form…

Sure the animation itself is very simple and almost any animation video company could replicate it, but replication and origination are two vastly different things. To originate that narrative, Dropbox needed their video production partner to truly understand their technology and then strip away literally hundreds of different angles and mountains of technical data to present only the message that was relevant to getting people to sign up for a free account. It is actually much harder than it looks. That's where the brain power and talent comes in. Like all professions, brain power and talent cost money.

Google Wave. Great animated video despite the product’s failure.

Another great video is the one done for Google Wave. Sure the product itself failed but the video is superb. Again, it was done by one of the best animation video studios in the world who charge around $20,000 for the first minute. Understanding the full breadth of a product like Google Wave and then articulating just the right points of it to get consumers to sign up for a free trial takes time and lots of minds to do well. That's why it costs money.

Why work with Fire Starter Videos?

At Fire Starter Videos we are inspired by these great studios but we don't compete with them. Our prices are about 80% cheaper and we do a great job for that budget. The reason I have written this post is so you know that we know what great animation is. We know what goes into it and we work hard to get as close to the best as possible. It is your job to work with us and help us craft just the right message because it's the message not the animation that makes all the difference.

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