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How do you assess the top explainer video companies?

Aside from watching their explainer videos or reading their websites, how do you know who the top explainer video companies are? Well, there’s a few ways you could approach this one.

4 ways to check out top explainer video companies

  1. Look at who they’ve made videos for.
  2. Look at how much they charge.
  3. Look for independent press.
  4. Try to find online reviews.

In my mind though, the question of who the top animation companies are needs to be refined further because let’s face it, we all have a budget. With that in mind, a more useful question may be, who is the best animation company in my price range?

Explainer video companies vary greatly in price

In this industry prices range from as low as a few hundred dollars and go all the way through to $10,000 or even $20,000 for the first minute. What you need to know is what makes the biggest difference in pricing and then think about how necessary that component is given your skill set and experience.

Here’s a sample explainer video we made for a little over $3,000.


Why do explainer video companies charge so much?

Not many people will tell you this but the most expensive line item in the cash flow statement of a good explainer video company is their thinkers. The people who talk to clients and help them craft their message.

Hiring people who know how to use programs like Adobe After Effects (a commonly used animation software) is not hard or expensive. Hiring people who can draw is also cheap. You could hire people with these skills from India, the Philippines or even here in the US very cheaply. What’s hard to find (and often expensive) is people who have a knack of learning lots of things in various industries and then organizing information into concise scripts and creative visuals that leverage the power that animation offers.

Fire Starter Videos – a top explainer video company

At fire Starter Videos we have a small team of very talented people and we are able to keep our prices among the lowest in the US simply because we do so many videos. Our business model is based on volume and as a result we are one of the busiest and best animation studios in the United States.

Please contact us to day for more information about your whiteboard animation, cartoon animation or other kinds of animation needs.

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