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What challenges do video animation service companies face?

The explainer video market is still relatively young. As a result, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Each video animation service company has their own methods and policies. Most clients have never dealt with a service like this before. And so, every single day, there are new challenges. It might be a question you never expected. It might be a technical issue you weren’t prepared for. Sometimes, it’s as simple as an unread email. The challenge for this particular video was about text. We’d gone through the whole storyboard process without the issue coming up, but as soon as the video was released, it became a problem. The client had very specific guidelines for what fonts they could use, the colors associated with their brand, and even correct logo placement. Ultimately, the issues all got resolved and we ended up with a truly fantastic video.

What do you need to know when getting a video animation service done?

There are a lot of questions we ask our clients before starting production on their explainer videos. Now, as I said, these questions have come about as a result of that learning curve, and each video animation service company has their own questions they prioritize. However, there are occasionally questions we just don’t anticipate. Often, these are things the client’s don’t even think about until they become problems down the line. The best advice I can give to potential clients is to think through every aspect of the video. Think about exactly what you want to see. What do you hope to accomplish with your video? What needs to happen for you to achieve that goal? Making an explainer video is a collaborative process and, above all, you have to be willing to collaborate.

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The goal of any video animation service company is to give the client what they want

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