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Video Animation Sample


Video Animation – The Best Way To Communicate Online

Consumers have spoken. If given the choice, they prefer to watch videos about companies, products and services than read about them. As a site owner, if you are not providing information in video format then chances are, you’re losing valuable web traffic by not holding your visitor’s attention long enough to get them to engage with you online. Video animation is a great way to change this.

Why is video animation so popular these days?

Simple! It’s affordable, fast and it doesn’t restrict you to literal demonstrations of who you are or what you do. Gone are the days of needing expensive cameras, professional actors, lights, operators, editors and all the rest. These days you can hire a video animation company for just a few thousand dollars, that can do everything from writing the script, to hiring the voice actors, to creating a completed animated video for you.

The best part is that you can take your time in a non-live format like video animation because there is no time cost of a working crew. Want to percolate on the script for a month? No problem! Nobody is sitting around “on the clock” chewing a hole in your pocket. You plan everything carefully and when real people are needed, they can mostly work when and where needed, without having to commute or turn up on set.

Who are the best video animation companies?

There’s lots of great video animation companies in the US but few can match Fire Starter Videos in regard to price and quality. We have produced video animation for some of the largest companies in the world, as well as Governments and non-profits like UNICEF.


Video Animation
This is image is a still of Video Animation produced by Fire Starter Videos
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