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What is a video explainer?

The term “Video Explainers” was coined after the explosion in online videos that featured prominently on the home pages of web 2.0 businesses ranging from app development companies to SAAS companies. Almost overnight everyone from Google to Skype was producing short and fun cartoon videos to cut through the noise and shear mass of the written word.

Since 2008, the proliferation of video explainers has spawned hundreds of animated video companies not just here in the United States but also abroad. Today, companies have a choice of literally hundreds of animation studios but finding the right one is critical.

What should I think about when looking for a video production company?

If you're in the market for an explainer video then think about the following things when making your inquiries:

  1. Aside from their ability to produce animation, how much does the company know about marketing and communication? As we all know, a great movie of any kind depends first and foremost on a great story, and therein lies the art.
  2. Does the company have a solid portfolio of work and are they prepared to put you in touch with past clients to see how happy they were with their experience?
  3. Is the person selling you the video talking about how quickly they can produce the video or how cheaply they can do it, or are they asking you lots of questions about who your customers are, what kinds of objections or misconceptions they commonly hold and what you hope that your video will achieve in a commercial context?
  4. How comfortable do you feel with their expertise in understanding and retelling your story? Using animation software is one thing but building a great video requires collaboration between a number of people – including you!

Why Fire Starter Videos is a leading company in the video explainers space…

At Fire Starter Videos we pride ourselves on being one of the lowest cost full-service animation studios in the United States, but more than that, we pride ourselves on our ability to distill the essence of your core messages in such a way that consumers stay engaged and take action as a result of your video explainer.

Contact us today and see why Fire Starter Videos is one of the most successful animated video companies in the world.

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