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Fire Starter Videos is one of America’s top video production companies.

Corporate video production is a growing industry that shows no signs of slowing. In fact, according to this infographic, online video is the top priority for most marketers right now – even higher than their social media presence. But why is the demand growing so quickly?

Simply put, consumers have spoken! The data supports that people prefer video over reading, with more than 1 Billion videos being watched every day by Americans on YouTube.

Are all video production companies the same?

No! There’s lots of choice and lots of different levels of service. Here at Fire Starter Videos, we specialize in whiteboard animation videos, cartoon animation and demo videos for software. We don’t do any live-action video and we only work with businesses or non-profits.

Our advice when looking for a production company (no matter if it’s live action or animation that you’re after), is to speak with the company and see how knowledgable they are about making videos for commercial application. As a business, you need to know that the production company you use understands the context of your video, and that it’s purpose is to increase website conversions, or raise awareness for your cause. It is for you, not the expression of the artist.

How much do animated videos cost to make?

Here at Fire Starter Videos, we take great pride in being the most affordable production company in the United States, while maintaining an exceptionally high level of quality.

To learn more about our services, visit this page.

We would be honore to serve your business or organization!


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A screenshot of a video made by Fire Starter Videos, one of America’s top video production companies
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